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Did You Hear the News?

No? Oh boy, you might want to catch up!

Welcome or Welcome back to this side of the blogging sphere, a place where you'll be able to find me even as every social media starts to become a sinking ship.

(I hope you all are updating your websites and making spaces for yourselves on this fine internet.)

Just as an aside, I didn't jump to the new socials. I'm far too tired to do that so if you're looking for me, here, Twitter (until it falls apart), and Instagram is where to find me. And I guess?? If you're really professional you can find me on a LinkedIn I don't use.

Anyway! Back to the important news:


My prices are going to be adjusted and raised over the course of the next few months! (Closer towards the end of the year.) I love editing, it is my favorite part of the comic process because it means I can help someone create the best version of a story that they see in their head. However, because I haven't been picked up by a publisher yet to edit full time, I would like for freelancing to be a bit more supportive in income. Capitalism making it harder and harder for anyone to live amirite? Anyhow, I do love freelancing though, there's a freedom to working with self published or indie creators that I don't know I'd have with established publishers. Pros and Cons, ups and downs, either way it goes, get a spot in my queue now before it fills up and before the prices change! Take a look here at the services and prices.


Gone is the time that I say "I'm in my writing era" and have nothing to show for it - that's a lie I have plenty to show for it (Example One and Two ). But now I have more to show!

First up is the anthology I'm in: Let Her Be Evil, curated by Cass Jones. The Cover has been revealed AND we have a pre-launch link so don't forget to sign up! My partner in arts for this project is David Joyce and let me tell you, he's doing a great job bringing my script to life. Check out his work!

The Cover for those that don't have Twitter dot com


And if you've been here before you've probably heard me talk about my novella (or novel depending on how long it gets) Cursed Flowers. That's still slow to boot, slowly churning away, however I have also decided to pivot into short stories, being inspired by Little Foolery and Taylor R. (Warning: Second link is NSFW). SO, with that inspiration I'm writing a short sci-fi story, Bounty of Sand, about a thief and a criminal trying to escape the Forces that Be (the Galactic Forces) with something powerful in their possession. And since you're reading this blog you not only get to see the cover ahead of the rest, you also get to read a snippet!


The sun scorched the desert planet, drying up the last remnants of life. For miles there was nothing more than rocks and sand; browns, reds, yellows, and oranges as far as the eye could see. Every now and then, breaking up the monotony were bits of scrap metal, buried and scattered like headstones in an unkempt graveyard with two moons shining like a prettily painted backdrop. As unkempt as it was, it was also unsettled as the dead were shaken in their slumber when a troop of Galactic Forces and their combat craft shot recklessly at two of the slipperiest thieves on this side of the galaxy.
Well, by technicality, only one was a thief.
Sanderson for the last time, I’m not your bodyguard nor am I your partner. By every star in this solar system, I will personally hand you to the Galactic Forces if that means they stop shooting at me because you decided to have an idea.”
The planetary graveyard had been the perfect hideout for a war criminal - framed - he'd specify. But good things never lasted as it quickly turned into a one sided battlefield as Ozeth, a hulking blue humanoid, kept hold of a large metal shield that was once a ship's wing.
The cretin next to him, known to Ozeth as Sanderson, but known to the rest of the galaxy as Sandy, was sitting all too casually next to him. The energy blasts raining down didn't phase them one bit. "Just this solar system?"
“You’ve got ten seconds to give me a reason not to kill you right now and collect your bounty.”

Editing hasn't been finalized, things are subject to change until then. Once I do the final edits and make a small illustration to outfit into the book, I'll be putting it up on my Ko-fi as a Pay What You Want!



  • My Adventures with Superman (peak Clark Kent, I love him)

  • What We Do in the Shadows (they get dumber every season and it's hilarious, got knocked out by the Baby Village joke)

  • Nimona (Went into this blind and was pleasantly surprised from story line to animation)


  • Godzilla Here There be Dragons #1 - So far it's a pirate's tale about seeing Godzilla, I'm into it.

  • Adventure Zone Vol 5 - After listening to the full story in podcast actual play form it is incredible and very well done how they have still managed to translate podcast to comic and hit all of those important and emotional beats. Even knowing the story, reading it still feels fresh and new.

  • Harrow the Ninth - I read Gideon so I decided to read the second. No opinions yet, it's taking me a minute to get through the first few chapters.

  • Kaiju No 8. - Manga about a guy trying to get his life together while also dealing with accidentally becoming a Kaiju. A crude summary but a great story so far.

  • Wild Strawberry - Hey so this manga JUST came out and a friend of mine told me to read it. No summary, no review, just read it. And I did and???? Hey??? You should read it too??? (Positive review from me if you're hesitant)

🎶Listening To🎶

Honestly, a lot of Mac Miller and Nujabes. I've really been into the chill hip hop vibes lately.


And as my ending card has unintentionally but consistently been:

That's about it! The second half of the year is upon us so may we all get good news, good vibes, good pay, and more 🌟

- Akira B.

OH ALSO I support the Writers/Actors/UPS/Hotel Strikes and you should too. Everyone should be making a livable wage. Billionaires should not be as bold as they are - shouldn't exist tbh. But many have given better and more fluent words than I so make sure you're keeping up with it.


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