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All services stated below are at their starting baseline pricing. Due to complexity and scope of project(s), these prices are subject to change. If you would like to get in contact about editing services please click the button below and fill out the contact form. 

Thank you!

✰ Pitch Evaluation

Taking your already made pitch and helping you fine tune and improve it. 

Consultation Fee: $150 

*If further evaluation needs to be done, it may shift into Pitch Production.

✰ Pitch Production

Taking your concepts and making them pitch ready for publishers or ready for self publishing! 


$150 to start, 3 meetings

$50 per Extra Meeting

*Includes but not limited to, story breakdown, summary, sample script, etc.

✰ Proofreading        
    & Copyediting

Basic Revisions to your comic. 

$5/Per Page 

*A MINIMUM 8 PAGES NEEDED. This includes a single round of annotated edits/email of notes.

✰ Script Evaluation

Reviewing and Editing your completed script. 


Single Issues (22-24pgs): $150

Webcomics/OGNS: $6/pg or EP 

*Includes annotated review, email feedback, one consultation. 

✰ Project        

I act as your editor from script to finished product.


$50/Webcomic EP

*$35/hr OR pg - OGN 

Yes it means keeping you on deadlines as well.

*OGN prices are subject to change with intensity of project.

✰ Sensitivity Reading

Topics Include:

Being a Black American | Mental Health (Anxiety, Depression) | LGBTQ+ Topics 

Manuscripts of 90k words: $300

+$10 for every additional 1k words

✰ Admin Assistant for Comics

I provide administrative assistance to your web/comic work. Includes but isn't limited to:


  •   Emails

  •   Uploading files
    (to the platform, merch & vendors, etc)

  •   Social Media (promos, updates, etc)

  •   Crowdfunding Assistance


*This is a starting price however price varies on workload


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