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✰ Pitch Evaluation

✰ Pitch Production

✰ Proofreading & Copyediting

Taking your already made pitch and helping you fine tune and improve it. 

Consultation Fee: $150 

If further evaluation needs to be done, it may shift into Pitch Production.

Taking your concepts and making them pitch ready for publishers or ready for self publishing! 

$150 to start, 3 meetings

$50 per Extra Meeting

Includes but not limited to, story breakdown, summary, sample script, etc.

Basic Revisions to your comic. 

$5/Per Page 

MINIMUM 8 PAGES. Includes a single round of annotated edits/email of notes.

✰ Script Evaluation

Reviewing and Editing your completed script. 


Single Issues (22-24pgs): $150

Webcomics/OGNS: $6/pg or EP 

Includes annotated review, email feedback, one consultation. 

✰ Project Management

I act as your editor from script to finished product.


$50/Webcomic EP

*$35/hr OR pg - OGN 

Yes it means keeping you on deadlines as well.

*OGN prices are subject to change with intensity of project.

✰ Sensitivity Reading

Topics Include:

Being a Black American | Mental Health (Anxiety, Depression) | LGBTQ+ Topics 

Manuscripts of 90k words: $300

+$10 for every additional 1k words


✰ Admin Assist. for Comics

I provide administrative assistance to your web/comic work. Includes but isn't limited to:

- Emails

- Uploading files (to the platform, merch & vendors, etc)

- Social Media (promos, updates, etc)

- Crowdfunding Assistance


This is a starting price however price varies on workload

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