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Updated: Jul 14, 2022


It goes without saying that this blog is catered to what I want it to be and there's no reviews today. Instead, I want to talk about my own novella I'm working on called It Ends with Z.

Forced to be the villain of the world’s story, the God of Chaos, Z, decides to seek out some form of peace from it all. He expected a lot of things, all of it bad, but what he didn’t expect was a nomad to take him ‘under his wing’ and teach him what peace really meant.

This novella is roughly 140 pages and ideally will have illustrations in between them. I say ideally because I'm the one drawing them and I can just as easily decide not to lol. Anyway! This is a story with characters I've had for awhile, that was once a comic idea but gave me a lot more freedom converting it to prose.

It falls under the YA and Fantasy genre, but I've been kind of loose about the whole process since this is essentially me self publishing my first non-comic book. It's one part side project and another part something I do actually want to share with the world so uhhh, yeah we'll see how it goes.

There was no plan with this blog this time so lol here have some snippets of the main 3:

In order: God of Chaos, Z | Nomad, Yonten | Goddess of Order, Jade w/ Abomination Crow, Genie

AND a cover reveal done by the one, the only @Zabwis (hire her for covers, illustrations, colors, etc because she's amazing at it)

Title Design by Kerri (another great artist to check out and hire if they're available)


Other Projects I'm Working On:

I have an anthology style project going on called Interview with Death. It follows Death and their Secretary on a journey of their livelihoods and well, how Reapers do their job. I’m hoping to get each story drawn by a different artist to give it a fun episodic feel to it. There's a fun comic called Warm Blood that has that anthology vibe and I wanted to give it a try with a different genre! I also have the ulterior motive of showing off my writing and story telling chops with different artists conveying it but sh sh shh that's my own prerogative lol.

Here's the official character designs, redesigned by Kodo

Other Stuff:

That doesn't get a full detailed explanation about

  • Fan Scripts - Godzilla, Scooby-Doo, etc: These are for the hopeful and idealistic time DC or IDW (or any publisher!) wants to pick me up and have me write for their titles.

  • OGN Pitches - Spoiler Alert, they're both very good westerns and I still don't know how I managed to get two western ideas. Can't wait to send those off to agents.

  • Novella 2 - This is another story that I've had for awhile. I even started it as a comic, but once again, prose gives me much more freedom to work.

Alright! I think I've done enough rambling in this blog. Next one maybe I'll give some more sneak peeks. Maybe I'll share script snippets from work. Who knows! That's the fun of these blogs.

See you whenever I post again!

- Akira B.


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